Ball Collapse: Color Line 98

- Simple rule is move ball to resolve puzzle level
- Create same color balls in a line or cross line

How to play Ball Collapse – Lines 98:

The simple rule is moving the ball to resolve puzzle level, create same color balls in a line or cross line to see an amazing thing, as long as magically. This is the battle between balls vs blocks and monster boss. Clever is win. It is remaking from the old game on PC Color Lines 98.

With your intelligent moving, if you can create same color balls with quantity below, amazing magic will appear:
– Connect 4 (Connect four) Balls: to explode itself. It very simple logic puzzles.
– Crush 5 Balls: create a Stripe Ball. Stripe Ball can expose whole balls in a line or cross line with its attribute
– Smash 6 Balls: create a Package Ball. Package Ball can crush 9 balls around it.
– Crunch 7 Balls: create a Color Ball. Color Ball can blast whole ball same color on the board games. This ball can combine with another magic ball (Stripe Ball, Package Ball) to make greater brilliant. Or combine with another Color Ball to clear the board.

It’s so easy right, but if do not have some Tiny Ball growly after each your move. They will make some difficult for you even inhibit.

This is addictive brain teasers games puzzle and line play game for kids and adults. Ball Collapse push the puzzle game genre even further providing unique mental challenges for players.

Don’t worry, we make your easier by providing some boosters with quite strong.
– Colorful Switch: make next Tiny Balls same color which you choose from another ball on the board, it makes a color switch
– Fidget Hand: the magical hand can move the ball to anywhere on the board. Your ball can rolling sky.
– BombSquad Prank: expose target balls which you chose on the board or break some obstacle bricks.
– Undo Steps: help you correcting the wrong move. It’s also a tricky tool for advantage next step.
– Freeze Ice: Freeze all Tiny Balls and Boss action in next step.

You also buy your favorite skins if you want small change in whole adventure
– Sweet Candy Skin: with 6 color candy will transform your board to candy world
– Cross Stitch Skin: for anyone love cross stitch, but in this case, these stitches can move to resolve logic puzzles.
– Fruit Line Skin: for whose love fruit cake style
– Cookie Skin: love cake and kitchen, you will satisfy with various cookies and move it is so funny.
– Classic Lines 98 Skin: you love classic, you also switch to classic style but new rules. It is the experience unique different.
Otherwise, Ball Lines 98 also provides Classic Mode for the loyal user with Color lines 98. Old rule, old style and play to earn more coin to discover in adventure mode.
– Classic mode rule is making 5 balls same color to blast, as long as more point, you can reach the target as soon.
– Classic mode level up, you can earn many coins, using buy booster or buy skins …

Social feature in Ball Collapse is the link for connecting your friends. You can compare high-score, invite the new friend to play the game and many things need waiting for you.

Let’s discover many many strange things in thousand levels, I don’t sure it will break your stress but will make your life easier.